Tiffany - Owner

About Us – Tiffany’s Thai Massage


Why are you in business?

– To help everyone improve their lives and happiness through relaxation and health.

Why are in this type of business?

– Allows me to help people feel better and live better lives!

What is your background?

– I have a degree in mathematics from a prestigious school but decided to dedicate my time and passion to helping people relax in a hectic world.

Description of your business?

– We provide massage services in a comfortable environment that range from Swedish to Thai and other forms of massage.

How long have you been in business?

– I have been in the massage business for over 7 years. Tiffany’s Thai massage since 2012.

How did you get started in this business?

– I worked for other massage businesses and realized the potential of offering a superior service in a comfortable and practical setting for customers so decided to open Tiffany’s thai massage to fulfill this vision.

How do you fare with business competition?

– There are many massage businesses in Hawaii but very few with the level of professionalism, practicality, and comfort that we offer customers.

What is your Mission Statment?

– Tiffany’s thai massage exists to allow people to do their best by feeling their best.

Can you describe your customers?

– A broad range of ages, both genders, singles and couples. We are a business for many people. Our most common customers are downtown workers and the residents living in downtown.

Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

-Convenience, location, comfort, professionalism, and cleanliness

Are there any ethical concerns that your type of business must deal with?

-Some have expectations that the massage business can be about more than a professional massage and interested more intimate experiences which we do not provide or intend to provide.

How do you overcome these ethical problems?

-Clarity upfront with customers about this being a professional business focused on creating comfortable but very professional massage services.